domingo, 27 de noviembre de 2011


Esta mañana me he despertado pensando en Dio. En toda aquella música que creó, que con los años se ha vuelto más que música. Era pasión, magia, perfección. Era un Sol que brillaba tan fuerte que acabó estallando tras tantos años. Y me he acordado de este poema que le escribí hace meses en inglés, cuándo pensaba que iba a poder ir a visitar su tumba en Los Ángeles. Mi intención era dejarlo allí como tributo anónimo. Ahora, lo muestro. Espero que os guste.

The Master of the Moon
Hear the roar, watch the thunder.
Swim forever like a Holy Diver.
You were the power, you were the music.
Still find you whatever I’m listening
When I find the horns
When I watch your songs.

You’ve been one more from the road
Leaving use like children in the sea
Your name sounded like god.
Closer to us, and even real.

Never surrender, you speeded at night.
At every place you played with the band.

And there isn’t a last song
Just the end, a darkness around
But I won’t forge these days.
I’ll remember your voice

How you made every beat of my heart,
The way I felt like naked in the rain.
I could haven’t been a dreamer,
But you opened my evil eyes.

You weren’t the man who would be king,
You were the King of Rock’n’roll
The master of the moon in every dream.
But you've gone away and never come back.

You left to walk this way alone.
It's the time to stand up and shout.

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