martes, 29 de noviembre de 2011


Y aquí estamos con un nuevo poema, también en inglés. Este lo escribí esta tarde, escuchando Sabaton (que me trajo la rabia que hay impresa en cada verso) y recordando esa maravillosa película de Kirk Douglas y Kubrick llamada Senderos de Gloria. Espero que os guste, y espero comentarios que me tenéis abandonadico D8

In the trench
I open my eyes, watching the stars.
The day has passed by but our life is the same.
Another night patiently praying in silence
Embraced to a shotgun, so cold and hungry.

Look at me inside this hole.
The suffering has become my home.
How many tears that have been cried?
How many dreams left away?

At the end of the day we’ll be digging our grave
Just thousands of numbers waiting for the worms.
We mean nothing, we are something to spend.
In these paths of glory, tools in their hands.

Wait, and listen. Can you hear it?
It’s the end of the hope, the assault has begun.
Bombs over us, the death is around.
Look at our mates, their lifes going out.

Is it our fate? The world we deserve?
Look at the sky, is God really there?
I can’t hold on, but I won’t forget.
The old years of love before all this hate.

Why am I here? Can somebody tell?
Looking at my back, the past far ago.
All that kind I ever had.
And now here I’m , strange and alone.

The breath leaves my mouth, the bleed doesn’t stop.
Let me rest once again but please tell my wife
How I miss her, her smile and her eyes.
And pease tell my son not to follow my steps.

In this distant land, my blood for the the crown.
Obeying a warrant, the flag I beloved.
To which I don’t care but everything’s gone
Because of that bullet I’m dying... my love.

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  1. You are incredible, you can write your feelings in english too, it is very difficult. The poem is very sad but beautiful :)
    One kiss!